Altar Guild

Altar Guild Committee

Liturgy begins and ends with the work of the Altar Guild. To care for the sacred vessels, the bread and the wine, the fair linens and hangings and the candles and torches used for worship in the Sanctuary is far more than a task, it is a true ministry. We are told that all things must be done “properly and in good order.” It is the work of the Altar Guild that makes it possible to do so. The contribution of each Altar Guild member is important; together those contributions are a devotion to the greater glory of God.  The duty of the altar guild is to prepare all the things necessary for the celebration of the Eucharist or any of the other sacraments and offices of the church. These services are included in the Book of Common Prayer and the Book of Occasional Services.

2016 Altar Guild Teams (* Denotes Team Captain)

January, May, September

Bitsy Kingsley*, Barbara Broach, Amy Darby, Cheryl Robbins, Deanna Douthitt, Sheree Barnes

March, July, November

Dru Johnson*, Cathy Moeller, Hannah Brake, Patte Clement, Becky Taylor


February, June, October

Susan Koonce*, Kathy Bobo, Rudi Pillow, Martha Zuelke, Mary Bowers


April, August, December

Beth Lane*, Jill Bobo, Betty Pritchard, Mary White, Lynn Coleman, Elizabeth Gruber, Sheila McCord

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