I’ve been seeing them all over town. I had lunch with my closest friend, and she had one on. I ran into another friend in Publix, and she had one on. I wore one to see a movie with my children, ran into another Trinity member, and she had one on! What am I talking about? Our Trinity sweatshirts, of course!

Have you seen them? They’re simple, well-made, and really comfortable. Navy blue with a single word across the chest: “Trinity.” ‘Nuff said, as they say. When I see us out and about in those sweatshirts, I see people declaring how they feel about Trinity. I see people saying, We love this parish. We love being a part of it. Trinity is a place of shelter and safety. It’s a place that feeds us and gives us strength through worship, through service, through prayer, and through friendships. Being part of this community means that we’re part of a longstanding tradition of feeding, giving to, and loving others.

Seeing other people wearing their Trinity sweatshirt when I’m wearing mine is wonderful to me. Any other item of clothing I’d probably be embarrassed to see someone else wearing at the same time. But there’s instant camaraderie when I see someone else with this sweatshirt on. If you don’t have one, you should get one. The young adult group at Trinity worked on the design, and they’re the ones selling them. For the first round of sweatshirts, the proceeds went to the St. Francis Fund. For the next round the proceeds will go to some of the service projects the young adults want to get involved in this year. So come by the office with your cash or check, and get your name on the list to get one. They’ll be printed at the end of January, so you won’t have to wait long.

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